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Little Triggers

Written by Daniel Caffrey

Directed by Allison Shoemaker

Scenic Design: J. Clay Barron

Costume Design: Ashley Ann Woods

Lighting Design: Christine Grodecki

The Ruckus

@ The Side Project

Chicago, IL

January 2012

Once upon a dark and blustery Christmas Eve, a young man named Martin sits waiting. In the corner of the office, a printer spits, smokes, and hisses in a way that would seem malevolent if Martin didn’t know better. He waits for the repairman, and watches the clock tick, and wonders what it is that he’s doing with his life. Little does he know that before the evening’s out, a series of mysterious strangers will force him to confront his ideas about success, happiness, and failure--and they’re starting with what’s hidden in the back of his drawer. Martin has to find the through-line for his story, and he had better do it fast, because the snow won’t stop falling, and the printer’s out for blood.

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