La Havana Madrid

Director: Cheryl Lynn Bruce

Scenic Design: Ashley Ann Woods

Costume Design: Elsa Hiltner

Lighting Design: Heather Skye Sparling

Projection Design: Liviu Pasare

Teatro Vista

1700 Theatre, at the Steppenwolf

The Miracle Center (not pictured)

Owen Theatre @ the Goodman (final picture)

Chicago, IL

Spring 2017


Photos Courtesy of Joel Maisonet

by Sandra Delgado

La Havana Madrid is an immersive documentary theatre experience inspired by the Latino Caribbean nightclub that once existed on the corner of Belmont and Sheffield. Audiences will be transported back to 1960s Chicago and experience the stories of the clubs patrons and musicians complete with a live band chronicling the history of Caribbean Latino music through the decade from mambo to the birth of salsa.

©2013 Ashley Ann Woods

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