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Desperate Dolls
by Darren Callahan

It's Hollywood, 1968, and three beautiful women are in big trouble. Sunny Jack Fennigan has the best intentions — to make female-led independent features that turn a quick buck at the box office. A powerful agent known only as "Captain" has a proposition that may be the answer to all his hopes. His three best prospects — girls who go by Matchbox, Pretty Sexy, and The Vil - are ripe for stardom. But a dark trip through seedy motels and murder scenes threatens to turn their dreams into the kind of nightmare you don't wake up from.

Directed by Michael Driscoll

Scenic Design: Ashley Ann Woods

Costume Design: Raquel Adorno

Lighting Design: Jordan Kardasz

Technical Director: Mike Mroch

Properties Designer: Jamie Karas


Strawdog Theatre, Hugen Hall

Chicago, IL

November 2014


Photos courtesy of Tom McGrath

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