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A World-Premiere Production

Conceived by the ensemble, 

Written by Randall Colbourn & Gwen Tulin

And He Flew Over the Forest

'And He Flew Over the Forest' is a coming-of-age tale revolving around a young girl named Leah who joins her family on their annual camping trip, perhaps for the last time. Her parents are fighting and have been for quite some time, and a divorce seems imminent. Her older sister is angry and distant, and with no one else to turn to, Leah joins the imaginary friends she has conceived throughout her youth to escape the turmoil in her life. In her created world, she encounters a new character in Gideon Briar. He sends her on a mission to discover the truth behind “The Great Nothing,” a truth that forces her to face the reality of which she’s a part.

Directed by Gwen Tulin

Scenic Design: Joseph Riley

Costume Design: Ashley Ann Woods

Lighting Design: Mike Smith


Brain Surgeon Theatre

@ Prop Thtr

Chicago, IL

November 2010


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